Our Wedding in Ireland
Wedding on the Cliffs of Moher

In June 2019, my wife and I finally fulfilled our promise to one another -- to get married in Ireland.  After months of planning, we finally agreed on the West of Ireland.  We did loads of research and learned that lots of couples get married at the Cliffs of Moher.


The Cliffs of Moher stretch for about 8km (5 miles), so there are plenty of locations aside from the visitor center located in Doolin.

We settled on an area known as The Hag's Head.

Now that the location for the ceremony was chosen, we did some research about local areas to have a reception.  Nothing, at least to me, says Irish wedding reception like a pub (at least to me).  We found a place along the main strip called Joseph McHughs.

The bride did all the coordination and worked with the manager, Shawn.  He was very helpful, gave us tons of tips of the area and worked with us on the menu, the time, the bar arrangements-- everything.  He was terrific!

Meanwhile, we worked with our friends on family on arriving to Ireland and where to stay.  Those of us in Europe flew on Ryan Air from Germany.  Our family and friends in the United States made their own arrangements, but everyone flew into Dublin.

We are personally big fans of AirBnB.  We can usually find cheaper arrangements, especially for large groups, and save tons of money on food.  After several conversations with our family coming from the U.S.A., we decided to try and get four families (15 people) into one house-- and we found a beautiful home in Liscannor.

We, and the Stampfly's, arrived to Dublin the day before everyone else and spent the night at a B&B we found on Booking.com called Evergreen Bed & Breakfast.  That night, we had the best Buffalo wings we've ever had at McLoughlin's Restaurant.

Our friends from Europe, being savvy travelers themselves, rented their vehicles and drove to their AirBnB.  My family from the U.S. were aboard the same flight and the bride's friends were arriving around the same time.  I picked them up at the airport, assisted with them getting their rental cars and escorted them to the mall so everyone could get SIM cards for their phones and grab a bite to eat before making the trek across the island to Liscannor.


View of Liscannor Bay from the AirBnB


Our AirBnB in Liscannor

Our first order of business was to head into Ennistimon for some groceries and other essentials.  

With some of our travelers weary from the long journey, others of us headed to the Hag's Head for a recon.  The car park for Hag's Head was a little under 4 miles from our AirBnB and walked another half-mile or so to get to the cliffs.  Once the party arrived-- we were all overcome by the beauty.  Luscious green grass and enormous sprawling cliffs were all that stood between us and the vast giant ocean.

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